Why I Chose Young Living

  Many people ask me why I chose young living. What sets them apart from other companies?  I was amazed when I read about their seed to seal guarantee.  This means that their oils are completely planted, cared for, harvested, tested and bottled by young living.  None of their work is outsourced to other companies.  Everything it’s done according to their stipulations.  This is the only way that they can truly guarantee their products are completely free of synthetic chemical are are truly pure. 
  They start all the way at the seed where they choose only the best quality of seeds to use.  Then they plant them, grow them.  During this process they use no harmful chemicals to produce their crop.  No harmful chemicals means only quality oils with no added chemicals in them. 
   After harvest they distill their oils.  This again is done chemical free.  Some other companies add chemicals to speed up the distilling process.  This inevitably does not end with a product free from chemicals.
   During and after distilling their oils they are tested ensuring that the product is only the highest quality therapeutic oil.
   Next is the seal.  They are all bottled in dark glass bottles to ensure they keep well. 
   It was important to me to choose a company that did everything they could to ensure they had the best product possible.  I wanted to make sure if I was going to be placing these oils on my baby and children that they were the best possible.  I was looking to gain numerous health benefits from the oils and was looking for oils that were chemical free and therapeutic.  I found all of these qualities with the young living oils.  We have had so many great results with these oils and I think a large part is due to their quality. 

See this link below for more information!  Happy oiling 😉


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