Making homemade products with essential oils

  One of my favorite things to do with the oils is to make homemade stuff with them.  The more homemade the less chemicals in your products being used by your family. 
   I started by making chapstick.  This is the recipe I use. http:/  I tweak the recipe a little because I like lemon and peppermint together.  The kids love it!  Abigail is going to be my sales lady someday because she came home with like the orders from friends who wanted it too šŸ™‚                          
  For Christmas I made everyone peppermint sugar scrubs that were a big hit.  Again, super easy and very little time to make them and smell AMAZING!  Your hands feel awesome after using it.  
  I also made lotion bars for everyone.  They literally look like a bar of soap that you put in your hand and as it warms up it melts and you can rub it in.   Really moisturizing and lacking all of the extra chemicals in regular lotion. I use this recipe but warm up the ingredients in the oven like the lip balm because I’m always paranoid the microwave is zapping the good out of my ingredients.
    I have moved on from there and made hand soap, dish soap, vapor rub (one of my favorites when sick), sleepy time cream (I use on my feet every night before bed), and kitchen cleaning spray.  My list keeps growing of things I want to try next.  For any of the other recipes check my pinterest young living board.  There are million of ideas for stuff on pinterest.  I wish I had time to try them! Let me know your favorites.  Happy creating! 



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